Combination with Mozambique

Mozambique Adventures

Mozambique is a unique country with pristine beaches and very hospitable locals. Even better, it only takes a couple of hours to fly from Johannesburg to the southern coast of Mozambique. You’ll be able to step out of your beach cabin onto snow-white sands before plunging into the warm Indian Ocean. If you put on a pair of swimming goggles, you’ll see colourful marine life. 

We offer three different ways to experience Mozambique adventures your own way. Our Family Snokelling Fun module is a brilliant way for parents to relax while the kids enjoy themselves, our Affordable Paradise module gives you the opportunity to take sailing trips out to nearby islands and our Paradie Island module is best for love birds. If you would like to combine Mozambique with a trip to South Africa, have a look at our South Africa itineraries to get started. 

Mozambique adventure #1Affordable paradise

Duration:5 days/ 4 nights
Price:£362 per person – based on 2 people sharing
Departs:Daily from Johannesburg and on Tuesday and Friday from Nelspruit

From the comfort of your lazy beach chair by the pool, you’ll look out over azure blue seas. Staying at our lodge on the mainland near the Bazaruto islands, is much more affordable than staying on the islands. You can still explore the tiny archipelago by taking day trips during your stay. From the harbour, you can reach the islands by Dhow, a typical African sail boat. After a few days you’ll return home from your Mozambiquan adventures completely satisfied and relaxed. Click here for a more information on the accommodation and travel details of this Mozambique travel module.

Mozambique adventure #2
Family snorkelling fun
Duration: 5 days/ 4 nights
Price: £460 per adult – based on 2 people sharing
Departs: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from Johannesburg and round trip on these days
Route: Inhambane
During this Mozambique adventures module you’ll stay in the coastal town of Inhambane, where you’ll be able to relax in style. You can feel the soft white sand between your toes, while looking out across the blue sea. There’s very little chance that kids will be bored here – they can participate in the many activities organised by the lodge. Wandering through the streets of Inhambane you’ll notice a strong Portuguese influence, echoed in the colourful local stores. A wonderful experience! Click here for more information on this Mozambique family holiday module.

Mozambique adventure #3
Paradise island for love birds
Duration: 5 days/ 4 nights
Price: £736 per person
Departs: Daily from Johannesburg and Tuesday and Friday from Nelspruit
Route: Bazaruto Island (via Vilanculos)
This Mozambique adventure module will make you feel like you’ve washed up on Robinson Crusoe’s deserted island. You’ll stay on the beach in a luxury cabin with private outdoor shower. Together, you’ll be able to enjoy wine, fresh fruit and the best shrimp you’ve ever tasted. From time to time you may leave the beach to go snorkelling between brightly coloured fish that you usually see in an aquarium. Then finally at the end of the day, you can opt to head out on a sail boat to see the sun sink into the sea. Can you imagine a more romantic setting? Click here for more information on this Mozambique honeymoon module.